Our business, our passion!

It all started with a piece of furniture ! The BAR.

We liked it at first sight! We fell in love with its friendliness and natural hospitality, which would set the tone for our business and make every customer feel welcome.

Many people can still testify to this, we were taken for fools, what was the idea of setting up in a field ?
20 years of success is the ultimate reward for our expertise. Hard work,
meticulous attention to every detail, absolute seriousness, a sincere and ultra-personalised approach to each customer, we didn't count our hours or our weekends, simply because we're all passionate about what we do !

Each product is tested by the whole family. Tasted many times before being approved. Hot, cold, aerated, oxidised, the bar is set for excellence, because we don't appreciate the commonplace, the ordinary, because every customer is neither commonplace nor ordinary !

Today, a second generation is carrying on with the same enthusiasm, the same passion and our love for the art of living and for the excellence of real, good products !

What could be more wonderful than to see our children at our side today, with the same passion for our profession, and the fervour of youth !

Thank you to all of you for your confidence and your compliments. You are each and every one of the building blocks of The Source !